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January 8, 2019, 6:40 PM

2019 - On Purpose


We have spent the last two years figuring out who we are and what we are supposed to be doing here in Junction City and around the world. As a church – we are ON PURPOSE “A Place to Belong!” We are inviting, welcoming, inclusive. We think as a congregation – “How do new people fit in, become a part and belong.” This decision came early in 2018 and we worked at making FCC truly A Place to Belong! But what does that church do? (other than invite, welcome and include?)

That’s the MISSION PART – and it too is done ON PURPOSE! After a lot of hours of conversation, prayer, more conversation with the Elders and with congregants we have proposed to the board and to the congregation that A Place to Belong intentionally (on purpose) is

TOGETHER-Loving God, Loving Others, Making Disciples!
We Love God through our worship
We love people through our service
We make disciples through Prayer and Study and Fellowship

This statement will help us plan for the future. If what we are doing does not help us to do these three things – then we won’t do it. I also believe that the statement – although linear here – it is hierachial as well. Loving God is what we do first. Then we love others. And when we do these two things – the result is making Disciples.

Welcome to 2019 – The Year of Living on Purpose!

Pastor David

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