Close Encounters on the Way to the Cross!
March 4, 2020, 12:23 PM

Living ‘by faith’ is a big chore. As we come to the season of Lent this theme becomes even more important to our lives together as the church! We are beginning our Lenten Bible Study series on Wednesday, March 4th. It’s called the “Jesus Experience.” It asks the question “What if what happened then, changes everything now?” This study and experience will be our Wednesday night Bible Study in Lent beginning March 4th and will support our Worship theme: Close Encounters on the Way to the Cross for each Sunday beginning March 1 through Easter on April 12.

Life is  filled with ENCOUNTERS that change our world!  It was true for Jesus as well.  Our First ENCOUNTER happened Sunday - the encounter between Jesus and Satan. This week - our second ENCOUNTER is between Jesus and Nicodemus.  God puts people in our lives on purpose.  People to love us, challenge us, change us, and fill us.  People who may be a part of our life forever and those who may only be a part of our life for a short time.  

Holy ENCOUNTERS are those that God has made possible that changes who we are from the inside out.  Who is God bringing into your life?  Who are you being sent to?  Great questions for us to consider!

Our Bible Study this week (Wednesday @ 6:30) will present the theme: MY LIFE HAS A PURPOSE. So much happening in our midst during Lent, so many opportunities to grow in your faith, develop your mission and ministry, become all that God is calling you to be.

For centuries during Lent Disciples (followers of Jesus) were encouraged to "give" something up for Lent. The idea was to make our lives less congested so that we may focus more fully on our relationship with Jesus. What I want to suggest is that you decide to focus more fully on Jesus during this time. Maybe do your own Bible study in the mornings. Join us for Wednesday night's study and experience. Arrive at the sanctuary 15 minutes early and sit and pray church members before church.

A few have asked why we are starting our announcements early on Sunday. Its really to help us in worship. Worship takes preparation. If you are only walking into the sanctuary at 10 or at 5 after 10 you have missed the time designed for you to get settled, find the scriptures, the songs or hymns, or simply to pray for God's spirit to be present in your act of worship. If you want to really increase your faith during this season of lent - try being in the sanctuary at 9:45 on Sunday mornings and praying for God to move in the worship service. You will be surprised just how much difference this will make!

See you Sunday!
Pastor David

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