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January 30, 2018, 11:48 AM


This Week's Word is:  EXTRAVAGANCE!!!

I love this week's word!  We don't use it much in church circles, at least not as a "good" thing.  Usually in church circles we hear this word and cringe - it usually means we have overspent the budget, or bought something unnecessary or the like.  We cringe because the church never seems to have enough (but somehow God always sees us through) and to think we have been "EXTRAVAGANT" seems sinful. 

But I want you to know that this word is not sinful.  It is not unnecessary.  It is not something we should avoid at all cost.  It is in fact something we are experiencing all the time in our midst, as we worship, as we study, as we sing and even as we serve in our world and community.  For every day, every hour, every minute in the grace of God we are experience his EXTRAVAGANT LOVE! 

This is so very important for us as we begin this month of Love and Compassion.  For love moves us to compassion.  EXTRAVAGANT LOVE moves us to EXTRAVAGANT ACTION!   We so often as a church live with an attitude of poverty, of poorness, of being without.  And it is easy to see why we do that.  But our God does not live in poverty - he lives in riches.  Poverty is a state of mind more than a state of being.  Some of the richest people I have ever known have been have been the "brokest people on the street."  And some of the richest (by the worlds standard" people have been absolutely bankrupt in every way but financially.  The difference?  I believe the difference is in WHO knows God's EXTRAVAGANT LOVE.  

What do you think? 

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!  Experience God's EXTRAVAGANT love in our midst! 

See you Sunday!
Pastor David


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