The Work of Worship
September 2, 2020, 1:17 PM

This week we are focusing on THE WORK OF WORSHIP - an act of every beleivers every waking moment.  For the work of worship is to always keep God first and foremost in our lives, celebrating the Savior and becoming obedient of the Lord!  Rick Warren writes about worship:  Offering yourself to God is what worship is all about. This act of personal surrender is called many things: consecration, making Jesus your Lord, taking up your cross, dying to self, yielding to the Spirit. What matters is that you do it, not what you call it. God wants your life—all of it.

We are made to worship. We must choose to worship. This choice is perhaps what most defines us as human persons. We can choose to praise, reverence, and serve.  Or we can choose to complain, worry, and demand.   Real worship is work.  It is pouring ourselves out on the altar.  It is giving to God everything and then more.  . And some days we’re too selfish for real work; some days we worry too much; some days we forget to worship; some days we worship the wrong things.

The most worshipful man in the bible I think was King David.  He sang to the Lord, he danced before Yahweh, he prayed from him deepest innermost part and he celebrated God's victory again and again and again.  He lived a whole life of worship.  He was described as a "Man after God's own heart." That is how we should live. 

The first four commands in the 10 Commandments are about this very thing.  To Worship only God.  To Worship God correctly.  To Worship God with respect  and tow Worship God regularly.  (Exodus 20:1-11)

Come let us worship the Lord together!

Invite a friend to join you this week - no matter how or where you are when you worship with us, Zoom, Facebook or in the Sanctuary!  Remember - in the sanctuary, social distance and mask required!

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