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January 17, 2018, 9:37 AM

This Week's Word: Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! 

Well – I have been here almost exactly a year.  In that time we have worked hard to accomplish several things:

  1. We have worked hard to get to know one another.  Over 200 one on one conversations held in homes, coffee shops, the office, and elsewhere.  

       2.  We have worked hard to create a vision, a motto, and a sense of mission.  The vision to date is straight from scripture –


from JUNCTION CITY, OR  to the ends of the EARTH!

The motto came from almost a year of identifying who we really are, what we are really about as a church – and came from our experience as a church during September’s “Back to Church” event – where we concluded that FCC-JC – is A PLACE TO BELONG!    

All along the journey we have worked hard to refine, rev up and renew our worship services and  create more opportunity for Discipleship Development.  We have spent time focusing our prayers life but more is needed.  Our sense of mission is still being discovered as we are now focusing on spiritual growth, fellowship and discovering what GOD seems to be calling us to do. We have revamped our Elders ministry to include not just a shut-in ministry  but also a flock ministry where every family in the congregation had a care giving Elder.  

  1. We have worked hard to reach out to our community in multiple ways.
    • We have held two concerts that have been well received.
    • We have made more pb and j sandwiches for Bunches of Lunches than imaginable.
    • We have delivered goods to the Eugene Mission at Christmas and the Junction City Outreach in November.
    • We have collected offerings and given money to multiple places in the name of Jesus.
    • We participated in the Scandinavian Festival and had our most successful year financially ever.
    • We hosted the most financially most successful Holiday Bazaar ever.
    • We have hosted 2 fabulously fun Drop and Shops (movie nights) that brought children into the building to meet us.

This list could go on and on but you get the picture.  We are reaching out to our community – we are the “church that invites!” which is truly to goal. 

So what do we need to do this year?

  1. We need to focus on preparing, planning and loving children.I believe that we need to create a new plan and new children’s ministry options.A plan is coming for doing this very important task.We have an opportunity.
  2. We need to focus on becoming an inviting church – because being a place to belong is only important for those who are already “inside”We need training in hosting, greeting, acceptingand identifying who needs inviting.We need training in welcoming and in sharing the gospel.
  3. We need to pray. We need to pray together.We need to pray at home with our families.We need to pray for the church, for the world, for our friends, for our futures, for our families.When God’s people pray, lives are changed.I need people to pray for me.To keep the vision clear.To speak God’s word clearly.To love God first and foremost.We need to pray in small groups and in large groups.We need to expect our prayers to be answered.We can never be too BUSY to pray.

In our first year together we have done some awesome work together.  But in year two we need to be MORE!  We need to fall MORE in love with Jesus and to love one another with our whole hearts, minds and being.   In year two we need to discover who we have been equipped and gifted by God for ministry.  What are our gifts according to God’s gift to us?  In year two we need to step out of our comfort zone and lift one another up – and invite them in to this place – A PLACE TO BELONG!

Happy Anniversary!  That's this week's word!


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